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I still remember the first song I’d ever sung before like it was yesterday. I Believe I Can Fly by R. Kelly at age four.  Ever since then my family and I both realized I inherited the “singing gene” and I believe God put me on Earth to share my voice and help bring soul back to R&B music but more importantly I want to show people that I’m just like them I’ve just been extremely blessed and we’re all blessed we just have to find our niche and run with it.  He won’t put anything in our paths that won’t better us for our future once the task is complete.  I honestly can’t remember that last thing I did where I didn’t put my heart and all into it.  I look for inspiration every second of the day and can basically find it anywhere. As a person and artist I am extremely approachable and friendly which I hope can give me a genuine connection with my fans.

            Being born and raised in Durham, NC gave me somewhat of a hopeless view of the world and my biggest priority has always been to get my family and I out. I’ve changed drastically as a person since my younger years; I was extremely shy, quiet and even had low self-esteem but on June 4th, 2006 that all changed. My cousin, best friend and hugest idol Douglas Jamal Mangum (DJ) was murdered in cold blood in front of his house during a random drive-by shooting in Holly Springs, NC simply because he was wearing a red hoodie.  His death was the first homicide in Holly Springs since 1995 but still got very publicity in the press.  His shooter was sentenced to 8 years with possibility of parole while his accomplice was set free.  6 years later it still hurts me to my soul but ever since then I seem to have a huge piece of him with me.  I acquired his strength, his courage, his happy go lucky attitude, his wit and his immoderate charisma. 

            That same charisma is what helped me win my amazing girlfriend’s heart after six years of being too shy to tell her how I felt.  Together Mayra Chavez and I have battled with her cancer and lupus for three years now.  She was diagnosed with lupus at age 12 and leukemia at 18.  We recently moved in together and complement each other remarkably well.  When she’s feeling sick I do everything in my power to make her feel better and when I’m hungry she does everything in her power to make me full ha-ha!  Seriously though, I’m extremely proud for the progress she’s made and how far she’s come and how strong she’s become.  All I see is progress in me and my music abilities as long as she’s by my side because her strength inspires me to be as strong as she brings purpose and passion in my life.  Currently I’m taking a different path than most artists I’ve encounters and stories that I’ve heard.  I’m at The University of North Carolina Pembroke pursuing a degree in Music Business because I realize I have to take my own path, even though the campus is literally in the middle of nowhere.  The instruction I’ve got my first year has helped me improve my voice and creativity to places I never thought it could go but yet I feel like I’ve gotten everything the program has to offer me.  Come what may.

Off You
Jordi (Express Not Impress)
Jordi (Recognition)
Untitled (All Alone)